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Hot Sample Mounting Machine - MECAPRESS 3
  • Simple Interface: The MECAPRESS 3 has an integrated color touch screen control panel that allows you to adjust and record all the mounting parameters
  • The MECAPRESS 3 Display Contrast makes it easy to use
  • Efficiency: MECAPRESS 3 is the fastest machine on the market thanks to its new integrated heating and cooling system
  • Its unique PCS technology (PRESI cooling system) allows a significant reduction in water consumption (up to 65%)
  • PCS preserves the structure of the fragile materials during assembly thanks to the reduction of thermal shocks
  • Automatic Cycles, Adjustable Heating and Pressure Temperature
  • DIMENSIONS: (L) 320 mm X (P) 560 mm X (A) 530 mm
  • WEIGHT: 65 Kg
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Sample Polishing Machine PRESI MECATECH 264
  • LED Control Panel
  • 2 plates with 2 independent motors
  • Adjustable speed in two directions
  • Automatic polishing head (central and / or individual pressure)
  • Polishing plates up to Ø300mm
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Metallographic Cutting Machines PRESI MECATOME T330
  • - CUTTING POWER: MECATOME T 330 is powered by 3.7 kW to cut the most resistant materials
  • - VERSATILITY: MECATOME T 330 has a positioning system (X and Y) specific for 1 / 100th mm
  • - SIMPLE TO USE: All machine controls are executed by a touch sensitive display and a high sensitivity / joystick
  • - RELIABILITY: High precision MECATOME T 330 comes with a large mechanism (pins, bearings, steering system, motor ...)
  • - The Smart MECATOME T 330 incorporates three control systems for always perfect cuts
  • - INNOVATIVE: MECATOME T 330 is programmable and can store more than 100 cutting processes protected by a password / password
  • - SAFETY: Interlock switch ensures safety during cutting
  • - PETG: Cover with metal hinges and support assisted gas lift
  • - POWER: 3700 W
  • - POWER SUPPLY: 380V / Three Phase / 50Hz
  • - INTERNAL LIGHTING: Halogen light
  • - DIMENSIONS: (L) 894 mm X (P) 844 mm X (A) 629 mm
  • - WEIGHT: 190 Kg
  • - NORMA: EEC
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Consumables - Metal Cutting
Anti-corrosive, Antiseptic liquid, Cutting boron nitride disks, Cutting fluids, Diamond cutting discs, Reduction rings, Standard cutting resin discs, Ultra thin cutting discs METALOGRAFIA: Cold and hot-setting resins, Coloring liquids, Mold removal aerosois POLISHING METALLOGRAPHIC: Diamond pastes, Sandpaper, Polishing cloths, Finishing solutions
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Sample Mounting Machinery PRESI MECAPRESS III
  • LED Control Panel
  • Automatic hot sample assembly
  • Ergonomic and intuitive system
  • Molds Ø25,4mm, Ø30mm, Ø31,7mm, Ø38,1mm, Ø40mm and Ø50mm
  • Integrated heating and cooling system
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