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Filsat Sterilization  
Autoclave - Tuttnauer ELARA 11
  • Class B, 28.5 L
  • Short Cycles
  • Pre and Post Vacuum Pump
  • With 5 shelves
  • With printer
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Low Temperature Sterilizer - Tuttnauer PlazMax
  • The low temperature sterilizer (PlazMax) provides an efficient solution for heat and moisture sterilization equipment and sensitive equipment
  • PlazMax cycle times are only 25 minutes (normal cycle) P50
  • Wide range of cameras, 47-109
  • Clean technology
  • Non-toxic sterilizing agent
  • Low electricity consumption
  • The sterilization process results in water and oxygen Vertical sliding door
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Tuttnauer Washing Machine - TIVA 500
  • Led Display with 5 programs
  • Washing and disinfection temperatures are fully adjustable up to 90 ° C
  • The temperature is controlled by means of two independent PT1000 probes
  • Consumption of fresh water between each stage of the cycle promotes hygiene and better cleaning
  • Connections for hot and cold DI water are available, with a triple water filter system, which
  • captures waste so that they are not re-circulated, thereby prolonging pump life
  • Heavy duty self-cleaning water circulation pump ensures fast flow rate and effective spray pressure
  • Built-in water purifier increases cleaning efficiency and prevents scale build-up
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