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Quickstep Urodynamic Unit - MEDKONSULT
  • 8 measurement channels
  • Precision Cytometer / Profilometric Pump
  • Waterproof prophylometric extractor
  • Videourodynamics
  • Height-adjustable hydraulic support for keyboard and monitor
  • PC control via touch screen and waterproof WIreless keyboard
  • Built-in electromyography module (EMG)
  • Adjustable pressure transducer support
  • Ultrasound module (optional)
  • Includes Urofluxometer (cable connection) mounted on Danflow support
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Unidade Urodinâmica Jive - MEDKONSULT
• 5 canais de medição
• Bomba Cistométrica/ Profilométrica
• Extrator Profilométrico à prova de água esterelizável (opcional)
• Suporte ajustável em altura
• Controlo do PC através de ecrã tátil (opcional) e teclado à prova de água (wireless opcional)
• Modelo económico embutido em carrinho
• Braço para suporte de saco de infusão/ transdutores
• Inclui cabo de conexão do urofluxómetro e o suporte Danflow Type
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Samba Urodynamic Unit - MEDKONSULT
  • 8 measurement channels
  • Cytometric / Profilometric Pump
  • Connects 8 sensors per cable and one wireless
  • Built on a solid / ergonomic transportable trolley
  • Videocassin module (X-ray) (optional)
  • Height-adjustable transducer bracket
  • Includes Urofluxometer (cable connection) mounted on economic type support
  • Built-in laser printer (optional), synchronized with X-ray images and urodynamic diagnostics
  • Black or white touch monitor (optional)
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Tango Urodynamic Unit - MEDKONSULT
  • 16 measuring channels
  • Ergonomic trolley system, especially for sitting position
  • Precision Cytometer / Profilometric Pump
  • Connection with 16 sensors per cable and 1 wireless sensor
  • Support for height-adjustable transducers
  • Video-dynamics module
  • Proof water extractor (optional)
  • Built-in ultrasound module (optional)
  • Built-in laser printer (optional)
  • Includes Urofluxometer (cable connection) mounted on economic type support
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Examination Chair Trytable - MEDKONSULT
  • Modern look / feel chair / marquise
  • Optimized for Urology, the permeability of its material to the X-ray enables videourodynamics with the help of the RTG C arm
  • Enables the Uromic Jive Modular Patient Unit, consisting of 5 measuring channels and a complete software for Urodynamics
  • Also suitable for Cystoscopy, Ultrasound, Urogynecology
  • 3 Motion actuators, one hand or foot control unit
  • 4 wheels with brakes
  • Roll paper holder
  • Memorable work positions
  • Complete Urofluxometer coupling system
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